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Best Games of Fabiano Caruana, with GM Ben Finegold

We all know of Fabiano Caruana as the confident yet mild-mannered elite chess player, the 3rd highest ranked player in history, and Sinquefield Cup sensation, but who is he beyond his many competitive chess accomplishments? He was in the middle of a brief stay in New York before heading to Norway Chess which he won! In fact, his flight was that very evening, yet here he was in front of a starstruck audience.

For any teachers reading this, you want to know the best way to get students to line up silently in a single file? Bring in the idol of every kid in attendance. He signed dozens of autographs and took photos with anyone and everyone who asked. Photo courtesy of Mero family. Played a tandem chess match with Robert Hess at charitychesschamps to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. Visit charitychess.

Photo credit: vanessasun Signed some boards for neuroblastoma charity, held May 21 Park Ave Synagogue. I got a chance to see the amazing facilities and exhibits at LSC and faced off against a group of kids from the Avenues school, who put up a tough fight but ultimately succumbed to checkmate. I was most impressed by their enthusiasm and passion for the game.

That was good preparation for the simultaneous exhibition the next day, where I faced 23 opponents at once. The games were close, especially against some of the younger participants, and I was thrilled to finish with 23 wins.

The highlight of the night, however, was watching David Blaine perform card tricks, which to me is pure magic. This evening I'm playing 22 games of chess simultaneously at a fundraiser for libertysciencecenter new Chess Works! Chess Works! Very proud to be a part of this important work being done in New Jersey.

Follow with chessandmagic. What excites me about working with LibertySciCtr is their focus on bringing chess to students at-risk. Chess is for everyone chessandmagic. Met students at the libertysciencecenter today in preparation for our chessandmagic event this evening. This is their infinityclimber It's suspended off the floor libertysciencecenter. It challenges their critical thinking, motivates them to problem solve in other areas of their lives and provides a safe, educational outlet after school.

At the Forbes office this morning for an interview, where I spoke about chess, entrepreneurship and being 30 Under Rock climbing! Here conquering the 5. Last night at the City Museum! StLouis pic. Working on my side career — St. Louis dog walker. My favorite band of all time?

My favorite song from them is Kashmir. AskFabiano pic.Photo by Przemyslaw Jahr, Nov 15, Najdorf Kan [Black] by chess. He moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York, in and soon started playing chess. He then moved with his family to Madrid in to pursue a professional career under the guidance of coach IM Boris Anatolyevich Zlotnik. He thus became a grandmaster on 15 July at the age of 14 years 11 months and 15 days, the youngest-ever grandmaster from the United States, and also the youngest-ever from Italy as Caruana holds dual citizenship.

He also won an age-based championship at the Pan-American Youth Championships, most likely the U12 division. Eastern Open in A year later, he was equal third with 6. Rated and ranked number 81 in the world at the time, Caruana defeated Lazaro Bruzon BatistaLeinier Dominguez Perezworld 21 and Evgeny Alekseevworld 25 before falling to Vugar Gashimovworld 6 in the fourth round rapid-game tiebreaker.

Caruana qualified for the World Cup on the basis of his rating, but he also participated in the Grand Prix series to select two Candidates for the Candidates Tournament.

Caruana also missed his opportunity to qualify for the Candidates at the World Cupan event he qualified for via his rating; when he defeated Akash G in the first round, Yu Yangyi in the 2nd round, Vladimir Malakhov in the third round and Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga in the Round of 16 fourth round but was eliminated in the quarter final round five by Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

Because of a superior tiebreak, Caruana needed to defeat Karjakin to qualify as the next World Championship Challenger, but lost, leaving Karjakin to challenge Carlsen later in the year. He first participated in the US Open inand also did so in and However, saw him win the Biel Chess Festival in a field of fellow junior super grandmaster. He started off in the category 18 Reggio Emiliascoring 4. In Octoberhe came third in the 12th Karpov International The latter result catapulted him into the top ten on the live rating list for the first time.

He followed up with 2. The following month he won a stunning victory at the category 19 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting with 5.

September saw Caruana win arguably the strongest tournament in history, the Category 23 Sinquefield Cup In the most powerful display in the history of chess, he won the first 7 games of the tournament - against Topalov twiceVachier-Lagrave twiceCarlsen, Aronian and Nakamura before drawing with Carlsen in their return game in round 8 having missed a winning chancewhereupon he clinched first place with 7.

This historic result also lifted his live rating to near record levels, eclipsing all except Carlsen and Kasparov.A chess prodigyhe became a grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 11 months and 20 days—the youngest grandmaster in the history of both Italy and the United States at the time.

He played for the United States untilwhen he transferred to Italy. He earned his grandmaster title inand in the same year won his first Italian Chess Championshipa feat he repeated inand He won the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting inand He also won the Sinquefield Cuprecording a historic performance rating and improving his Elo rating tobecoming the third-highest-rated player in history. He transferred back to the US in He won the London Chess Classic in He won the Candidates Tournamentbecoming the first American challenger for the undisputed World Chess Championship since Bobby Fischer in He lost the match to Magnus Carlsen in the rapid tiebreaks after drawing 6—6 in the classical games.

fabiano caruana rating

At the age of five, his chess talent was discovered in an after-school chess program at Congregation Beth Elohima Reform Jewish congregation in Park Slope. Until the age of twelve, he lived and played in the United States, occasionally traveling to Europe and South America to participate in tournaments. Inhe relocated with his family from Brooklyn to Madrid to pursue a professional chess career, playing for Italy from to LouisMissouri, in He obtained his final GM norm and at age 14 years, 11 months and 20 days, became the youngest grandmaster of both the United States and Italy, surpassing the US record set by Hikaru Nakamura.

Caruana playing black, drew the game in 82 moves, and won the tournament with a performance of Inhe was the co-champion of Italy by tying with Michele Godena but losing the fifth rapid play-off game. In January, Caruana had his first experience at Corus C and throughout much of the tournament he was the clear leader.

In June Caruana played first board for Italy at the Mitropa Cup, which is a four-board team competition amongst 10 "middle" European nations. Experienced" was played with Scheveningen format which is a double round team match of five "Rising Stars" against five "Experienced" players. In October and November: Caruana played at Eighth Cap d'Agde Rapid Chess Tournament, held in Cap d'Agdea knock-out closed rapid tournament organized into two round robin groups of eight players each, with the top four scorers of each group proceeding to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and then the finals.

The time control was 25 minutes with a second increment. Caruana's performance was and he had qualified to enter the quarter-finals. His quarter-final match, which was against Anatoly Karpovwas closely fought. Karpov won the first game, and Caruana won the second. Then tie-break games with time control of 15 minutes were played. The first four games were all drawn. The fifth game Karpov won, and Caruana was knocked out. In November Caruana played at 38th Olympiadhis first Olympiad.

On the first board for Italy he played against Levon Aronian in the first round, Viktor Korchnoi in the fourth round, Michael Adams in the fifth round, Emanuel Berg in the seventh round, and Peter Leko in the eighth round. In February, Caruana—having won Corus C —received and accepted invitation to Corus B which was of category 16 with average Elo of Throughout the tournament his standings ranged from first to third place.

Going into the last round he was tied for second and his opponent was Nigel Short who was in clear first. The game lasted 67 moves. Caruana is the first player ever to win both Corus C and Corus B in consecutive years placing clear first in both. In May he played with the Italian team in the "Mitropa Cup" at Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia, scoring 6 points out of 8 and winning the individual gold medal on first board. This performance allowed him to reach points Elo.

He placed 6th out of 10 and tied 7 out of his 9 games only winning, again, against Nigel Short. In December he won the Italian National Championship for the fourth time with a score of 10 points out of 11 games.Fabiano Caruana is an American-born, yet purely Italian, Grandmaster whose rapid advance into the elite ranks of chess has earned him the reputation as the next rival to Magnus Carlsen for the world championship. He is currently No.

The year-old was born in Miami, Florida and introduced to chess through an afterschool program as a five-year-old in Brooklyn, NY -- living in the same neighborhood where Bobby Fischer was raised.

Caruana Completes Unbeaten Sinquefield, Carlsen Second

At 10, Caruana became the youngest American to defeat a GM in a sanctioned event and, by 12 years old, was a FIDE master and winner of several national scholastic championships, as well as two gold medals in Pan-American Youth Championships. From there, chess was his future, and his family moved to Europe to see it through. He officially switched federations to Italy in Octoberthough he still shares dual citizenship with the U. Today, Caruana is a four-time Italian national champion and one of the hottest players on the global scene, having currently pushed himself up as one of only three players above the rating barrier.

He crossed the super-elite threshold just last month after winning the 42nd Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, where he clinched the tournament win in the penultimate round without losing a game. Skip to main content.

Champs Postponement Overview U.

Fabiano Caruana

Championship The Field U. Fabiano Caruana. Senior Championship U. Junior Championship U. Championship U. Championships U. Short Aronian vs. Junior Closed Championship.Carlsen first reached the top of the FIDE world rankings inand trails only Garry Kasparov in time spent as the highest rated player in the world.

His peak classical rating of is the highest in history. Shortly after turning 13, he finished first in the C group of the Corus chess tournamentand earned the grandmaster title a few months later. At age 15, he won the Norwegian Chess Championshipand at 17, he finished joint first in the top group of Corus.

He surpassed a rating of at age 18 and reached number one in the FIDE world rankings aged 19, becoming the youngest person ever to achieve those feats. In the following year, he retained his title against Anand, and won both the World Rapid Championship and World Blitz Championship, thus becoming the first player to hold all three titles simultaneously; a feat he repeated in He defended his classical world title against Sergey Karjakin inand against Fabiano Caruana in Known for his attacking style as a teenager, Carlsen has since developed into a universal player.

He uses a variety of openings to make it more difficult for opponents to prepare against him and reduce the effect of computer analysis. He has stated the middlegame is his favourite part of the game as it "comes down to pure chess". They later moved to Haslum. Simen Agdestein emphasises Carlsen's exceptional memory, stating that he was able to recall the areas, population numbers, flags and capitals of all the countries in the world by the age of five. Later, Carlsen had memorised the areas, population numbers, coat-of-arms and administrative centres of "virtually all" Norwegian municipalities.

Carlsen was coached at the Norwegian College of Elite Sport by the country's top player, Grandmaster GM Simen Agdestein, [3] who in turn cites Norwegian football manager Egil "Drillo" Olsen as a key inspiration for his coaching strategy.

Over the course of this year, Carlsen's rating rose from in Juneto From autumn to the end ofCarlsen played almost rated tournament games, as well as several blitz tournaments, and participated in other minor events.

He was officially awarded the IM title on 20 August Carlsen made headlines after his victory in the C group at the Corus chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee. Particularly notable was his win over Sipke Ernst in the penultimate round, when Carlsen sacrificed material to give mate in just 29 moves.

The blitz tournament was a preliminary event leading up to a rapid knockout tournament beginning the next day. In that event, Carlsen was paired with Garry Kasparovthen the top-rated player in the world. Carlsen achieved a draw in their first game but lost the second, and was thus knocked out of the tournament. This achievement made him the world's youngest GM at the time, as well as the second-youngest GM in history at the time after Sergey Karjakinwho earned the title at the age of 12 years and 7 months.

A two-game match between them was arranged to decide the title. In the Norwegian Chess Championship, Carlsen again finished in shared first place, this time with his mentor Simen Agdestein. A playoff between them was played between 7 and 10 November. This time, Carlsen had the better tiebreaks, but the rule giving the title to the player with better tiebreak scores in the event of a 1—1 draw had been revoked previously.

The match was closely fought—Agdestein won the first game, Carlsen the second—so the match went into a series of two-game rapid matches until there was a winner. Carlsen won the first rapid game, Agdestein the second. Then followed three draws until Agdestein won the championship title with a victory in the sixth rapid game. In the knockout tournament, he upset the 44th-ranked Zurab Azmaiparashvili in round one, and proceeded to defeat Farrukh Amonatov and Ivan Cheparinov to reach the round of Thus, Carlsen finished in tenth place and became the youngest player to be an official World Championship Candidate.

Carlsen qualified for a place in the Corus B group due to his first-place finish in Corus group C in At the international 'Bosna' tournament in SarajevoCarlsen shared first place with Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu who won on tiebreak evaluation and Vladimir Malakhov; this could be regarded as Carlsen's first "A" elite tournament win, although it was not a clear first.

It also prevented Carlsen from beating Agdestein's record as the youngest Norwegian champion ever. After two draws at standard time controls, Carlsen won both rapid games in round two, securing his first Norwegian championship win.

Carlsen won the Glitnir Blitz Tournament in Iceland.

fabiano caruana rating

He finished ninth in a group of 18 participants in the associated blitz tournament, which was won by Anand. Carlsen played for the first time in the Melody Amber blind and rapid chess tournament in Monte Carlo in March. In the 11 rounds, he achieved eight draws and three losses in the blindfold games, as well as three wins, seven draws and one loss in the rapid games.The prodigy who broke the record for Hikaru Nakamura of America's youngest chess grandmaster, Fabiano Caruana climbed the mountain of chess and reached the summit.

This young great master has had a ranking as high as number 2 in the world and has won numerous tournaments in his career. Fabiano Caruana was born on July 30, in Miami, Florida. His natural grasp for chess was discovered at the age of 5 in an after school chess program when he moved to New York.

Fabiano Caruana

His first chess coach was National Master Bruce Pandolfini, a well known chess author. A year later, at the age of 14 years, 11 months, and 20 days, Caruana became the youngest Grandmaster in the United States and Italy.

Shortly after earning the Grandmaster title, he won the Italian Chess Championship, becoming the youngest ever Italian Champion. Caruana then made his Olympiad debut in the same year, representing Italy from top board in the Dresden Olympiad.

After a 7. He finished the year entering the world's top players in October, with a rating of By then end ofCaruana had jumped in the world rankings, reaching 17 in the live rankings, and a rating well over InCaruana continued to improve.

By JanuaryCaruana was ranked fifth in the world rankings, with a rating of After placing third in Zug, second in Thessaloniki, and winning the circuit in Paris, Caruana had amassed points, narrowly missing out on automatic qualification to the Candidates Tournament.

Magnus Carlsen

Caruana won a silver medal in the World Rapid Championships in Dubai, just a half point behind first place. He then represented Italy from first board once again at the Olympiad in Tromso, Norway. Upon the conclusion of the Olympiad, Caruana then returned to the United States, where he won the Sinquefield Cup with his memorable seven game winning streak.

Each of the players in the double round robin were ranked in the world top ten prior to the tournament, and the 8. At the conclusion of the event, Caruana was the second highest rated player in the world. To close the year, Caruana tied for fourth in Tashkent. Now qualified for the Candidates Tournament, Caruana used his dual citizenship to switch back to the American federation.

The twenty-three year old entered the Candidates Tournament as the third best player in the world. Needing to win the Candidates to clinch a match with Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championships, Caruana headed into the final round tied for first with his opponent, Karjakin.

Despite the level score, the Candidates tiebreaker most wins meant that Caruana had to play for a win with Black in order to win the Tournament, as a draw would favor Karjakin. Despite falling short in the Candidates Tournament, turned still out to be a great year for Caruana. He won his first ever U. The Americans edged out the Ukrainians on tiebreaks, and Caruana won an individual bronze medal for this performance on first board. InCaruana won his first chess. Caruana helped the team win the Atlantic Division, but the Chessbrahs were eliminated in the semifinals by the Saint Louis Arch Bishops.In Game 1 on Friday, Carlsen and Caruana played for seven hours in an intense game that ended as a tie, giving each player half of a point.

The World Chess Championship is a game marathon that runs from Nov. You can watch the match take place here, on Chess. The Champions' Showdown is starting soon in St. Louis, where I'll be working hard to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas. Caruana is often compared to U. Caruana is used to the comparison, and finds it flattering. Really feel at home in STL! Caruana was born in Miami but moved to the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn as a young child, spending most of his formative years there.

He learned to play chess at five years old in an after school program. Ironically, his mother signed him up for the program to help him learn how to keep his concentration better. He took to the sport quickly. By age six, he was training with a renowned chess expert, Bruce Pandolfini, and he soon showed so much promise that his family pulled him out of school and moved to Spain, so that he could train with world-class instructors.

We knew he was special. The plan was always to do it for a year or two and see how it works out. If he loses a year of school, so what? Caruana said he still considers himself a New Yorker, in spite of the fact that he left when he was young. So I still consider myself a New Yorker. Caruana became the youngest American grandmaster in U.

War or peace? Caruana is adamant about treating chess like the sport that it is- both mentally and physically. As a result, he practices yoga to combat stress amongst all of his tournaments. Other athletes, if you look at basketball players or baseball players or football players or whatever, they do things chess players should do. Caruana further added that he thought his competitor, Carlsen, was successful because he did take chess as seriously as other athletes.

Welcome to London. When training for a big match, Caruana plays up to eight hours a day.

fabiano caruana rating

Your mind is working in the best possible shape. Getty Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Cuarana.

fabiano caruana rating

As for Carlsen, when asked if he thought he was an underdog or a favorite in his championship tournament against Caruana, he gave an honest but flattering answer:. Having said that, obviously Fabiano is a tremendous player, his results this year speak for themselves and I know that if I continue to play in the same vein that I have been recently then I will probably not win, so I need to step it up, but I have great confidence in my powers to do exactly that.

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