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A sectional center facility routes mail between local post offices and to and from network distribution centers NDCswhich form the backbone of the network. Note: Alabama is served by Meridian, Mississippi. Note:, and are served by Westchester, New York.

Note : Mail deposited in Washington, D. Note: Georgia is served by Chattanooga, Tennessee. Georgia are served by Jacksonville, FL. Georgiaand are served by Tallahassee, FL. Honoluluserved by Honolulu International Airport. Note: Illinois, and are served by St. Louis, Missouri ; is unassigned. Note: and are served by Kansas City, Missouri ; is served by North Platte, Nebraska ; is served by Amarillo, Texas ; is unassigned.

Note: Kentucky, and are served by Knoxville, Tennessee ; Kentucky is served by Cincinnati, Ohio ; Kentucky,and are served by Charleston, West Virginia ; Kentucky and are served by Nashville, Tennessee ; Kentuckyand are served by Evansville, Indiana ;, and are unassigned.

Note: Mississippi and are served by Memphis, Tennessee. Note: Missouri are now split between St. Louis and Columbia. Note: Nevada, and are unassigned. Note: and are served by El Paso, Texas ; and are served by Lubbock, Texas ; is assigned out of order to El Paso, Texas ;, and are unassigned. Note: New York is served by Hartford, Connecticut.

Note: Oklahoma is served by Amarillo, Texas ; and are unassigned; is assigned to Austin, Texas. Note: Oregon is served by Boise, Idaho. Note: South Dakota and are unassigned. South Dakota is served by Bismarck, ND. Note: Texas and are served by Shreveport, Louisiana ; Texas is unassigned. Note: is assigned to the IRS. Utah and are unassigned. Note: Washington is served by Portland, Oregon. Paul, Minnesota. Note: Wyoming is served by Billings, Montana. Wyoming are served by Salt Lake City, Utah.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.The Postal Service offers lower prices for mail that is transported by the mailer to certain kinds of postal facilities.

Generally, the closer you take the mail to its final destination, the less postage you pay. That saves the Postal Service money—and the savings are passed on to you. DNL assures correct paperwork requirements, tracking and confirmation of on time deliveries for our mass mailer customers.

If you drop ship mail to multiple entry points, you know how confusing all the postal facility acronyms can be.

How do you know which facility should be the entry point for which portions of your mailing? The USPS provides regulations and incentive pricing for mailers to transport mail at their own cost to postal facilities closer to the ultimate recipients of the mail. Mailers are permitted to drop ship this mail to any of the postal facility types listed above. Mailers may elect to drop ship mail in order to take advantage of the drop ship discounts, or they may drop ship mail in order to better control the delivery window.

Drop Shipping Mail The USPS provides regulations and incentive pricing for mailers to transport mail at their own cost to postal facilities closer to the ultimate recipients of the mail.Check Current Status.

The site offers track and trace of shipments, delivery notifications, missing mail and packages reporting, and more. I needed this package by tomorrow. This is a pattern of service by usps in my area.

We've never had a problem with USPS in the past but just to be sure, we trurned around our ballots in a day.

usps network map

Some mail in ballots a good amount will not be accepted for a minor issue. I dont think mailing the ballots will over run the postal service normally. It is a circular problem created by GOP. Got a notification yesterday that my order would be delivered today, only to find out that a delivery attempt was already made yesterday and my order is being held at a post office unspecified as per customer request I did not request.

Every day I delay, the US mail becomes less of an option. But I do believe there has been some delay with getting the ballots out due to the lawsuits and the USPS delays. Emmasunshiine its probably a problem with usps and not youtooz, but its been almost a month since they were delivered that I feel like they won't be able to do anything. Def not mailing my ballot.

Ever wonder how mail is sorted?

The system is overwhelmed. I'm sure it's not their fault, it's the changes imposed on them but a new issue today is the last straw. Hand deliver. Vote Early. In Person. But there's a major catch. Put it in the mailbox that same night. Ballottracker has a major hole. Last update. Same status as of today. Only the postal service tracked it.The Postal Service provides a vital public service that is a part of the nation's critical infrastructure.

There's a Post Office on your phone. Learn more. Beforethe PMG was a Cabinet member. The mules carry mail, food and supplies down an 8-mile trail to the Havasupai Indians at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. With Informed Delivery service, you can digitally preview your incoming mail and manage your packages from a computer, tablet or mobile device. More than 20 million customers have enrolled since it was launched in All heart.

Postal employees regularly go beyond the call of duty to protect the lives of customers they serve, including older and disabled customers through the Carrier Alert Program. In fiscal yearthe Postal Service recognized heroic employees.

For 55 cents, anyone can send a letter, regardless of geographic location, to anywhere in the United States. The Postal Service processes and delivers Zero tax dollars used. The Postal Service receives NO tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

In Postal Inspectors reported 5, arrests and 4, convictions related to postal crimes, primarily those involving mail theft, mail fraud and prohibited mailings. The Postal Service operates a fleet of 40, alternative fuel-capable vehicles, most of which are equipped to use ethanol.

There are electric, hybrid, compressed natural gas and liquid propane gas vehicles in the fleet as well. The Postal Service has hybrid 2-ton vehicles. Fifty are electric hybrid and fifty are hydraulic hybrid. Our communications network supports and maintains more thandesktop computers, 31, notebook computers, 86, printers, 23, smartphones,phone lines andhandheld scanners.

The Postal Service has the largest gantry robotic fleet in the world using robotics systems to movemail trays per day. Inthe Postal Service picked up million packages.

The Pony Express was in operation only from April 3,to Oct. It was never part of the U. Postal Service. Inusps. It's one of the most frequently visited government sites. More than 1.

usps network map

Instamp and retail sales at The Postal Store on usps. You know we deliver for America. But do you know exactly how much we deliver? Every day? Each year?Responses to common requests such as package not received or delivered, missing package, or where is my package and other tracking statuses.

usps network map

This FAQ explains common package statuses you may receive for mail and package delivery and the frequent answers provided by Care Center agents. We apologize that phone agents will not be able to provide additional information on the following scan messages. You will receive a confirmation number and a contact within business days. Carrier may have placed it in a secure location out of view of the street, such as under a mat or near a back entrance.

If you received a key in your regular mail compartment, it may be in a package parcel locker located in or near your community mail box. Use Postal Locator to find your local office. We apologize your mail or package delivery status is not yet available and ask for your patience while the item is being processed.

We apologize the carrier did not have access to your mailbox. A blocked receptacle could be due to a parked vehicle, local utility work in the area, weather conditions or emergency responders impeding access.

If you received this message on a Sunday, we will automatically reattempt delivery the next business day. No further action is needed at this time. There are a variety of reasons this may have occurred such as: a non-delivery day, address is in a gated community, or animal interference, etc. Additional tracking information will be available when it arrives at unit and is out for delivery.

Be assured that we are working to get this to you as soon as possible. If your item is running late, we apologize for the inconvenience. What can I do if my mailpiece hasn't been delivered? First, please check the delivery standard for the mail class of your domestic item. Also, if your item has a status of "Alert," a delay could have occurred because of weather-related and other natural disasters or events.

Expected Delivery Window. This window is a 2-hour slot of time when you can expect your package to arrive. Delivery within that time is not guaranteed, however, you may still receive your item by the end of the day if it does not arrive within the expected time slot.

You may also Contact Us concerning your mail or package. Back to Top. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links USPS. Sign In. FAQs Home. How can we help? Search for a topic. Share via email. Where is my package? Information Article Number. Customer Information.Our objective was to evaluate trends and practices the U.

Postal Service uses to optimize its processing network. These facilities are responsible for processing mail for delivery to million addresses. The Postal Service uses total operating expense and mail processing productivity mailpieces processed per workhour to manage costs. They also use the Function 1 F1 Scheduler tool to establish staffing levels at plants.

Further, the Postal Service has implemented strategic initiatives to optimize the processing network. The initiative was intended to help align network processing capacity — processing machines and people — with declining mail volume and allow for more time to process certain types of mail.

The Postal Service also eliminated excess mail processing capacity and plants through consolidations. Management calculated planned costs savings from plant consolidations by completing Area Mail Processing AMP feasibility studies. However, consolidations were suspended in FY due to operational considerations. The Postal Service has not decreased mail processing costs at a rate consistent with the decline in mail volume.

Mail processing workhours have not decreased since FYwhile overtime and penalty overtime workhours have increased significantly. As a result, the Postal Service is processing mail with lower productivity for manual, flats, and letters. Reducing mail processing costs and workhours is critical at a time when mail volume is declining.

When adjusted for inflation, mail processing costs decreased by 2 percent. However, processed mail volume decreased by 9 percent or 31 billion mailpieces. This volatility in costs was especially apparent in mail processing overtime and penalty overtime.

From FY tomail processing workhours increased by 11, or 0. The Pacific Area experienced the largest increase in mail processing workhours 5 percent while the Eastern Area had the largest decrease 3 percent. In a prior audit report, we recommended the Postal Service develop and implement annual tracking methodologies for any significant projected operational costs or savings and use a sensitivity analysis to account for such impacts as changes in mail volume and labor and transportation costs.

We plan to conduct additional audit work related to mail processing network efficiency and assess efforts to standardize operations. Read full report. The additional container movement equates to significantly more mail handler workhours and associated costs.

Does this mean there was no real good reason for doing so as the hours reduction simply weren't meaningful in the grand scheme of things? You can probably expect labor costs to go up for Especially with pilot program splitting the carriers jobs into two parts causing workers to have to come in earlier and stay later to get their job done.

About Postal Facts

That is the exact opposite of efficient. Not to mention it puts the carriers safety at risk by causing some to be delivering mail after dark. If I were a carrier I would refuse to deliver once it got dark due to safety reasons.

Postal Service Processing Network Optimization. Sep 09 A chart with delivery standards based on the class of mail, when your carrier or mail will arrive, and what to do if mail or periodicals are considered late. When will my letter carrier or mail arrive? When is mail considered late? Check the mail delivery standards. Contact the shipper. Who do I notify if my mail is late? Sometimes packages are delayed or rerouted because of unusual circumstances. We do not have the ability to find out when a carrier or delivery person will arrive at a specific location.

All deliveries should be made by p. Delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the mailpiece is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what class of mail is being used and how long ago it was mailed. The following chart outlines the delivery standards for various mail classes and indicates how long you should wait before you contact customer assistance with a concern.

If you wish to contact a customer representative, email us your concern with as much detail as possible and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Back to Top. Click here to view sample tracking numbers by mail service. Enter up to 35 tracking numbers separated by commas and click 'Track. If there is no status available or the information has not changed since the last time you viewed it, check back regularly as information is updated periodically throughout the day.

Network Distribution Center

If you have questions about the status of your mailpiece, you may contact us. If you are experiencing a delay in receiving magazines or periodicals, please contact the publisher of the magazine to ensure they have your correct information and the subscription has not expired.

Often there are identifying marks on an envelope that pinpoint the cause of a delay. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links USPS. Sign In. FAQs Home. How can we help? Search for a topic. Share via email. Delayed mail and packages? Information Article Number. Customer Information. No Labels Customer Information 2.